Picture of the kid on the computer is from clipartpanda.com. Logo on computer is from LEAP

Weeks at LEAP

Week 4 at LEAP

We are close to done with the website. Everyone is doing their part to edit the final draft of the website. We changed the colors of the backround and text to our liking; and also rechecked for any coding errors. Each group spent an hour everyday working on their part of their page making sure it was presentable. We all had a hard time trying to figure out the different tags but I think we're getting the hang of it. The hardest tag to get use to was the table tag because it was difficult to understand. Also, it was difficult to work around the fact that most of us were camping and away for two days. But all together, we made a lot of progress this week.

"In my group,I was in charge of the homepage. I worked on the homepage since we started this project and I've made progress since then. It has been challenging to put the homepage together but the outcome will be worth it." - Ja'Nyha,15

"I was in charge of the second week's page. I worked on editing the sentences and making sure there were no misstakes.This project was challenging but cool to watch the website come together." Briana,14